For our fifth year on the Playa, Sukkat Shalom is back with more events than ever! Conveniently located at 7:45 and Dandelion, we have a full schedule of amazing experiences ready for your participation. Our schedule includes:


8am – Shacharit Devotional Practice
Join us to share gratitude and pray for the gift of life and morning light with melodic Hebraic chanting, poetry reading and a short meditation.

4pm – Taste of Kabbalah
Learn basic Kabbalah (Tree of Life, Four Worlds, Hebrew Letters). See how “The Man” is a kabbalist! Then use Kabbalah Cards for oracular readings.

4:30pm – Playa Pickling
Learn to pickle! We’ll bring mason jars, vinegar, and veggies; you bring curiosity, love, and a little playa dust. Limited to 50.


9am – Intuitive Yoga
Come connect with your breath and intention as we greet the day in an embodied way.

8pm – Mount Tushy Dance Party
Music with words AND soul. Join Sukkat Shalom DJs Amp & Micah as we dance under the stars to house, pop, afro, and techno beats.


8am – Shacharit Devotional Practice
Join us to share gratitude and pray for the gift of life and morning light with melodic Hebraic chanting, poetry reading and a short meditation.

10am – The Spiritual Meaning of Dust and Desert in Judaism
Dust and Desert surround us and inspire us in magical and surprising ways at Burning Man. These also happen to be rich, recurring images in Jewish tradition. We were originally created out of dust and we all eventually return to dust, and dust in the wind is a profound reflection of the human condition. Desert is the site of revelation and the unknown, and it is the liminality where we wander between narrowness and wholeness. We’ll look at some texts from the Torah, from the ancient Sages, and from modern Jewish thought. And, together, we’ll also look inward and outward in new ways.

1pm – Blind Feast
Come enjoy a delicious blindfolded feast, sans utensils. By eliminating your eyesight, sink into the non-visual elements of your dining experience: flavor, texture, smell, bodily comfort. Instead of eating one bite while preparing the next one, happily dwell in whatever bite you happen to be eating *right now.* Will include other blindfolded activities during the meal. In the spirit of self-reliance, please bring your own water to drink and plate to be served on.

3pm – Afro Yoga
Does yoga excite you, yet you worry what others make think of your flexibility skills? No worries! Bring Shalom (peace) to your mind, body and soul with a smile! Who can help but laugh as they participate in yoga wearing an afro wig!

4pm – Biblical Beverage Oasis
Take a break from desert wandering with a cold drink, just like Moses. Build your own Bloody Mary or sip Sangria. BYO goblet. Desert robes encouraged!

5pm – Tantra Ritual
We’ll unify the divine feminine with the divine masculine in this group ritual derived from ancient tantric practices. Bring an open mind, an open heart and lots of juicy love! Please arrive on time and wear comfortable clothes. Led by Harmony.


8am – Morning Meditation
We will welcome in the day with some stretching, meditation, and thanks to the natural world.

11am – Movement and Meditation, to Revelation!
Unlock and unleash the you who has been hiding inside and under societal masks. Covered in playa dust we will be moving, meditating and experiencing sound healing as we bring forth the you who has been waiting to see the sun!

3pm – Sufi Whirling, Kabbalah Twirling
See how these two mystical traditions connect, weave and dance with one another. Explore sound, chanting, movement and the magic of aleph.

6:30pm – Kabbalat Shabbat
Greet Shabbat on the Playa with your Burning Man brethren. An ecstatic Kabbalat Shabbat service, both traditional and creative, welcoming people of all denominations and none.

8pm – Shabbat Dinner
Following our Kabbalat Shabbat, please join us for Shabbat dinner. Bring a plate & cup; our Kitschen is Kosher in spirit but may not follow all dietary laws.


3pm to 5pm – Radical Aliveness/Core Energetics
We’ll move energy & feel radically alive through group process work. Arrive on time & plan to stay the full 2 hours. 100% participatory & experiential. Ask for Harmony.

4pm – Burner Mitzvah
Shake it like a polariod picture to this throwback shindig of when you were 13! First we will celebrate the ‘coming of age’ of a few burners as they take on 613 mitzvots and as many ways to make a drink on the playa. Join us for this spiritual journey of choice, chant and transformation during this beautiful afternoon Torah service. Then we dance! Shake your thing in 80′s style fashion and get ready to rock it out with the tribe for an afternoon dance party!

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