Burning Man 2009-2013 Kabbalah Shabbat

Since 2009 our camp has offered Kabbalah Shabbat at Sukkat Shalom.

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What it is like to camp with SukSha

Find out more about the camp and what we offer to the playa.

Who We Are

The mission of Sukkat Shalom is to nourish the faith of those who sleep in the dust. For six years, Sukkat Shalom has gathered disparate sparks of the Divine contained in all persons, forming a space for interconnection and exchange between all religions and cultures present on the Playa. See photos.

What We Do

Sukkat Shalom hosts Shabbat on the Playa, a Kabbalah Shabbat service and dinner that attracts roughly 400 burners. In addition we hold events throughout the week that nourish your inner artist, yogi, devotee, and free spirit. Shalomies stay connected throughout the year with a fall leadership retreat, facebook group, newsletter, and many informal gatherings.


Due to increasing demand, Sukkat Shalom will no longer be holding open registration for first time campers. Go here If you've camped with us before and want to again. Get in touch with someone who has camped with us if you want this to be your first time. Even if you dont camp with us in 2014, check out Shabbat, our events, and stop by to say hi.


Sukkat Shalom is put together every year by the Committee of Awesomeness (CoA), an all volunteer group that changes every year. Sukkat Shalom is a registered 501c3 non-profit corporation and has a board of directors that manages the long term health of the community. Want to get involved? Looking for meeting minutes and planning documents? This is where you want to be!
Welcome to 2014! Contact us at hello(at)sukkatshalom(dot)net